AWC at NYC Climate Week 2024

Join AWC & WoodWorks Inaugural NYC Climate Week Event!

The climate crisis needs solutions now, and wood products are ready be that solution.

In the U.S., the built environment contributes around 39% of annual carbon dioxide emissions. Structural wood products are the immediate and long-term solution the built environment needs to lessen its carbon emissions and environmental impact. As a renewable and sustainable product, wood offers a unique solution to the current climate crisis through its natural ability to embody carbon and be produced sustainably. In addition to wood’s carbon capturing abilities, new innovations like mass timber are becoming critical solutions to societal issues like the current U.S. housing crisis. 

AWC and WoodWorks’ first NYC Climate Week event, a panel titled, Building with Wood: Nature’s Climate Solution, will take a deep dive into the sustainability of the whole wood products sector from forestry and manufacturing to building design and policy to explore the many ways wood products are a right-now solution to many of the environmental and social issues of the climate crises. 

Event Details

September 24, 2024
5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Manhattan, New York City, New York

*Registration for Building with Wood: Nature’s Climate Solution will open in July*

Meet our Speakers:

Learn more about wood & embodied carbon:

Brian Brashaw, U.S. Forest Service Assistant Director – Wood Innovations, State & Private Forestry.

Forests and Climate Leaders Partnership at COP 28, Signed by the U.S. & 16 other countries:

“Recognizing that wood from sustainably managed forests provides climate solutions within the construction sector, we commit to,
by 2030, advancing policies and approaches that support low carbon construction and increase the use of wood from
sustainably managed forests in the built environment. Such policies and approaches will result in reduced GHG emissions,
and an increase in stored carbon.”