Our History

We are one of the oldest and youngest trade groups in the nation.


The American Wood Council traces its heritage back to 1902 and since then has evolved from several predecessor organizations. In 1991, the original AWC sought to expand its mission to promote wood products and merged with the National Forest Products Association’s building codes and engineering functions. Today’s AWC, rechartered in 2010, has emerged as the leading voice of the North American wood products industry.

AWC provides the organizational structure for wood products companies and associations to work together on building codes and standards, sustainability issues, and a focused set of environmental regulations. This partnership and collaboration provide the resources, clout, and credibility to achieve a strong future for the wood products industry.

In that role, AWC maintains an active presence on behalf of the industry’s interests at the local, state, national, and international levels. The advice, expertise, and counsel of our team of experts is both sought and respected, and through our effective advocacy and superior membership services, AWC has earned recognition as one of the nation’s most powerful and effective trade associations.

While today’s version of AWC bears the name of a former organization, AWC is poised to serve the modern wood products industry in a much broader scope to help its members achieve their goals, objectives, and aspirations for our built environment.