Courses on traditional and engineered wood products for residential and commercial use.

We are the leader in the development of building codes and standards for wood design, and provide online and live training to support their implementation.

Our education programs include courses related to the use of traditional and engineered wood products for residential and commercial applications, and are ideally suited for code officials and design professionals.


We have partnered with the International Code Council (ICC), and the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and National Council on Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) to grant professional continuing education.

Advancing Environmental Transparency for Wood Products: Using Life Cycle Data to tell the Sustainability Story of U.S. Wood

The built environment is responsible for nearly 40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to avoid the worst climate change scenarios, rapid decarbonization is needed in all sectors. Wood products present a right-now solution to this challenge, as they are significantly lower in embodied carbon than other conventional building materials, and, when sourced from sustainably managed forests, provide numerous environmental benefits. This webinar will walk through the sustainability story of U.S. wood products and show the work we’re doing to tell the story transparently through data and EPDs.

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