Building Codes Division
Phone: 503-378-4133 or 1-800-442-7457

Current Codes and Edition Adopted:
2018 International Building Code (IBC)
2018 International Fire Code (IFC)
2015 International Residential Code (IRC)
2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), (Multi-Family) ASHRAE Standard 90.1 (Commercial)
Applicability (statewide, local, limited): STATEWIDE

Codes in Oregon are adopted as statewide codes. Statutory authority is granted to the Oregon Building Codes Division to adopt building codes by administrative rulemaking. Buildings codes in the state are adopted as the “state program” and all local jurisdictions must enforce the state code, to the state agency’s specified level of enforcement. Fire code adoption is an administrative responsibility of the State Fire Marshal. The state-adopted fire code is considered the “minimum” standard statewide. Local jurisdictions may adopt a fire code provided it is at least as restrictive as the code adopted by the State Fire Marshal.

Amendments Disadvantaging Wood Construction:

No apparent amendments negatively involving wood construction.

Expected date most recent code will be adopted:


Next Update Cycle:

The State has put the 2018 editions of the I-Codes into effect in late 2019 and the next cycle is not given.


Tall Mass Timber

The State adopted the 2018 editions of the I-Codes in late 2019 and the 2021 IBC tall mass timber building provisions are permitted under two Statewide Alternate Means (SAM) processes. Updating of the code itself, which will incorporate provisions of the SAM, is expected in 2020.