New Hampshire

State Building Official 
Commissioner of Safety or Designee – Robert L. Quinn 
Commissioner’s Office 
Department of Safety

33 Hazen Drive 
Concord, NH 03305

Current Codes and Edition Adopted:
2015 International Building Code (IBC) 
2015 International Residential Code (IRC)
2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
2015 International Plumbing Code (IPC)
2015 International Existing Building Code (IEBC)
Applicability (statewide, local, limited): STATEWIDE

The State Building Code Review Board (hereafter referred to as “BCRB”) is charged with the responsibility for reviewing and amending the New Hampshire building code. The “New Hampshire building code” or “state building code” effective September 15th 2019, means the 2015 editions of the International Building Code (IBC), the International Existing Building Code (IEBC), the International Plumbing Code (IPC), the International Mechanical Code (IMC), the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISWPSC) as published by the International Code Council (ICC), and the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC) as published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  

Please review the information found here for code adoption: 

Amendments Disadvantaging Wood Construction:

No apparent amendments.

Next Update Cycle:

State Building Code Review Board is in the process of preparing documents to adopt the 2015 codes. 


Page last updated: January 2022