Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry – Construction Codes and Licensing Division

Current Codes and Edition Adopted:
2018 International Building Code (IBC)
2018 International Fire Code (IFC)
2018 International Existing Buildings Code (IEBC)
2018 International Residential Code (IRC)
2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
Applicability (statewide, local, limited): LIMITED

Plan review, enforcement, and inspection is limited to those public buildings and State-licensed facilities that are to be constructed in non-code-enforced areas or in those code-enforced areas that don’t have a delegation agreement with the State. “Public building” means a building that is paid for by the State or a State agency regardless of its cost, and any school district building project the cost of which is $100,000 or more. “State-licensed facility” means a building that is licensed by the State as a hospital, nursing home, supervised living facility, free-standing outpatient surgical center, correctional facility, boarding care home, or residential hospice. Building and energy codes for other types of buildings are enforced at the local level. If the local unit of government adopts any ordinance prescribing standards for new construction, the ordinance must use the edition of the IBC called for by the State.

There are no State inspectors for buildings. Most inspection is by the local officials.

Amendments Disadvantaging Wood Construction:

Code amendments do not involve subjects involving wood construction.

Expected date most recent code will be adopted:

Unknown. The State adopted the 2018 editions of the IBC, IEBC, IRC, IECC, IMC and IFGC in March 2020, so the likelihood of having another update in the near future is unlikely. Individual communities usually adopt shortly after the State laws go into effect, but that is not always the followed procedure. Locals are permitted to adopt newer editions of the I-Codes.

Next Update Cycle:

The State has put the 2018 editions of the I-Codes into effect in late March and early April 2020. The next cycle will likely be in approximately 6 years when the 2024 I-Codes are considered.