State Building Official: 
Paul A. Demers 
Office of the State Fire Marshal

52 State House Station1 
104 State House Station 
Augusta, ME 04333 
Office phone: (207) 287-6251

Adopted I-Codes:
2015 International Building Code (IBC) 
2015 International Residential Code (IRC) 
2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
Applicability (statewide, local, limited): LIMITED

Maine adopts the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC). Enforcement of the code is required for all communities with a population greater than 4,000. The Technical Building Codes and Standards Board which is appointed by the Governor resolves conflicts between state building and fire codes. 

Please review the information found here for code adoption: 

Tall Mass Timber Adoption

The tall mass timber provisions went into effect in 2021.


Update: As of 2/7/21, the State of Maine has adopted the 2015 I-Codes, along with the Tall Mass Timber provisions in their entirety.  Per Chapter 3 of the MUBEC, Section 602.1.2 Alternative Provisions: as an alternative to the construction types defined in 602.2 through 602.5, buildings and structures erected or to be erected, altered or extended in height or area may be classified as construction type IV-A, IV-B or IV-C in accordance with Chapter 6 of the 2021 International Building Code. Buildings and structures classified as IV-A, IV-B or IV-C shall comply with all provisions of the 2021 International Building Code specific to mass timber and the construction type of the building or structure, as well as all other applicable provisions of this code, including provisions for buildings of Type IV construction. 

Page last updated: December 2023