Where can I find design values for tropical hardwoods, imported species, or other species not listed in the NDS Supplement?

First check Table 2.1 – List of Sawn Lumber Species Combinations beginning on page 4 of the NDS Supplement. Design values for the species listed in the NDS Supplement are provided by the grading agencies.

The 2005 NDS supplement  (and subsequent editions) Table 4F has non-North American visually graded dimension lumber including:

Austrian Spruce—Austria and the Czech Republic

Douglas Fir/European Larch—Austria, Czech Republic, Bavaria (Germany)

Montane Pine—South Africa

Norway Spruce—Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, NE France, Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine, Sweden

Scots Pine—Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Sweden

Silver Fir—Germany, NE France, Switzerland

Southern Pine—Misiones Argentina

As for other foreign species such as mahogany, ipe, greenheart, etc., or domestic species such as ash, locust, magnolia, walnut, etc., there is some design information in the Wood Handbook published by the US Dept of Agriculture Forest Service, which can be found at the FPL website. However, since these values are average unadjusted ultimate values, they need to be adjusted per applicable ASTM standards, such as ASTM D245, to arrive at allowable properties. A further complication is that if lumber is not grade stamped in accordance with American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) rules (http://www.alsc.org/), there is no way of knowing what type of product will be used in construction. Engineering judgment will be required to use these types of foreign species in structural applications.

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