Per 2021 Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS), can anchor bolts in a 2-sided 2×6 shear wall be staggered to meet the ½” edge distance for 3×3 plates or do custom plates need to be installed?

Anchor bolt connections designed per SDPWS are designed for the shear load in the sill plate. If the shear capacity of a double-sided shear wall is twice that of a single-sided shear wall, the anchor bolt spacing derived based on the anchor bolt shear capacity for a double-sided shear wall would be half the spacing of a single-sided shear wall. Staggering the anchor bolts 1/2″ from the plate edge for a double-sided shear wall provides uplift resistance on each edge of the sill plate equivalent to a single row of anchor bolts located 1/2″ from the plate edge on a single-sided shear wall.