How do I register for an AWC webinar education event?

Please ensure that you have a registered in the AWC system before registering for our events. We cannot award certificates if you do not have an account.

There are 2 parts to registering for an AWC Webinar Education event – be sure to complete both:

  1. Find and click on desired webinar on calendar; Click AWC Register button and follow prompts
  2. When you receive the confirmation email, click on “Add to Calendar”
    1. Click on the hyperlink to register with GoToWebinar to receive the unique GTW access link for the webinar


  1. On the education event calendar page, click on View Event Page
  2. Click on “Related Website” hyperlink to go to the GTW registration page
  3. Return to AWC event page; Click on AWC event Register button
  4. Follow AWC registration prompts

Why 2 parts? Registering with AWC allows you to receive your continuing education credits such as Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or Learning Units (LUs), while registering with GTW will provide you access to the webinar.