Are connections in Type IV-HT construction required to be fire-resistance rated?

Columns and beams in Type IV-HT construction are not required to be fire-resistance rated by IBC Table 601, which only requires them to be of “HT” (heavy timber) dimensions, which are found in Table 2304.11. Connections of heavy timber members that are not fire resistance rated are not required to be protected. However, for heavy timber members in any type of construction that are required to be fire-resistance rated by other provisions of the code (for instance, a column or beam that supports a required fire-resistance rated floor), Section 704 of the IBC requires their connections to other structural members to be protected for least the fire-resistance rating of the connected members. Chapter 16 of the NDS, which is referenced in Section 722 of the IBC, requires this protection to be provided by wood cover, fire-rated gypsum board, or other approved material.