Code Adoption Map
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The International Code Council (ICC) is the leading developer of model building codes that are adopted for use in the United States.

In some fashion every state has adopted one or more of the codes promulgated by ICC. The exact number of codes, the method of enactment, and their application to buildings varies considerably across the 50 states. This map shows states that have adopted the IBC at a statewide, local, or limited level, and specifies the edition of the code currently being enforced in the state. Because the updating process is dynamic, the information may change and the map may not reflect the most current information. If you feel something is in error, please bring it to our attention at

Statewide adoption indicates the code applies to all building construction throughout the state. Local adoption indicates that certain jurisdictions have adopted one or more codes, but the regulation only applies within the legal limits of the jurisdiction. Limited adoption means that one or more state agencies have adopted a code and apply it either to state owned buildings, or buildings that are in some legal manner under the purview of the agency.