AWC Releases New Construction Fire Inspection App

LEESBURG, VA – The American Wood Council (AWC) has released a new app to help make construction site fire safety inspections more accessible and safe. The Construction Fire Safety Checklist, or CFS Checklist, contains a daily fire inspection checklist that meets the requirements of the 2021 International Fire Code and allows site safety directors to complete the checklist as they walk through their daily inspection. 

The app’s development is the result of feedback AWC and the Construction Fire Safety Coalition (CFSC) received from the fire service, building inspectors, site safety directors, developers and construction managers across the nation. The checklist allows inspectors to reduce the frequency and severity of construction fires through a code compliant questionnaire that identifies potential site safety risks. As inspectors complete the checklist, it automatically generates a compliant or noncompliant designation based on the results of the fire code-related questions. Once completed, the report can be exported as a PDF to be saved and shared with the relevant fire and building officials. 

“We designed the CFS Checklist app with builders in mind. We wanted them to have an easy to navigate checklist that met Fire Code requirements and was easy to complete and share. This app will help make construction sites safer and encourage site safety directors on construction sites to be proactive in identifying risks on site which will help prevent construction site fires, the app can also be used by building and fire inspectors in helping them to enforce construction fire safety codes” said Ray O’Brocki, AWC’s Director of Fire Service Relations and Administrator of CFSC. 

The app is available for both Apple and Android users and can be downloaded on phones or tablets. It is available on Google Play and the Apple Store. For additional materials and resources related to construction fire safety visit