AWC: Regulatory Integrity Act provides transparency

Sep 15, 2016

WASHINGTON – American Wood Council (AWC) President and CEO Robert Glowinski issued the following statement regarding ​the passage of the Regulatory Integrity Act of 2016 (H.R. 5226) by the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill directs each agency to make publicly available on its website or in the rulemaking docket on a list of each pending regulatory action, the date the agency began to develop or consider the action, its status, an estimate of the date it will be final and in effect, a brief description of such action, and each public communication about the action issued by the agency.

“The wood products industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years in its efforts to meet regulatory requirements and to protect the environment. However, not all of these requirements have provided a discernible benefit to the public. Regulations must be carefully designed to provide net benefits to the public based on best available scientific and technical information evaluated through a transparent and accountable rulemaking process. The public has a right to know the costs and benefits of regulations and the quality of scientific and economic analyses used to support them.

“AWC thanks Congressman Walberg for sponsoring this bill to hold federal agencies accountable for smarter regulations.”