Paper, Wood Products Manufacturers Applaud Oregon's Carbon Neutrality Policy

Jun 10, 2015

WASHINGTON – American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) President and CEO Donna Harman and American Wood Council (AWC) President and CEO Robert Glowinski have issued the following statements supporting today's passage of a bill (SB 752) by the Oregon Legislative Assembly to conditionally exempt carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from biomass from state air pollution regulations.

Donna Harman, President and CEO, AF&PA: 
"Oregon has long recognized biomass energy as renewable and carbon neutral, a policy that has worked well in supporting both forest health and the state's rural economy. We thank Senators Chris Edwards and Tim Knopp for leading this legislation."

Robert Glowinski, President and CEO, AWC: 
"The net impact of this carbon cycle is that CO2 flows in and out of forests and through the forest products industry by both biomass combustion and sequestration in products. The carbon neutrality of energy from biomass harvested from sustainably managed forests has been repeatedly recognized by an abundance of studies and is accepted by agencies, institutions, regulations and legislation. This bill will reinstate and codify Oregon's carbon neutrality policy."