Where can I find information on green building design?

  • Report on International Green Construction Code
  • National Association of Homebuilders developed the National Green Building Standard, ICC-700.
  • Green Building Guidelines©: Meeting the Demand for Low-Energy, Resource-Efficient Homes© available at https://www.nibs.org/
  • Green Building Initiative - Green Globes - http://www.thegbi.org/ 
  • Impact of LEED on Wood Markets - TheImpactofLEED.pdf 
  • Green Wood: Building Green with Wood - StructureMag-Green-Wood-7-05.pdf
  • Understanding Green Building Ratings - Understanding-Green-Building-Ratings.pdf 
  • The Unseen Connection: Building Materials and Climate Change (by Bruce Lippke, Ph.D.) - LippkeArticleCAForestsWinter2006.pdf  
  • The Rapid Growth of Green Building Rating Systems and Their Impact on Wood Buildings - Green Building Rating Sytems and their Impact on Wood Buildings
  • Case Study Examines Pluses and Minuses of OVE Framing
  • Testimony to the Canadian Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry - CanadaSenateTestimony5-6-10.pdf