Per 2008 Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS), can anchor bolts in a 2-sided 2x6 shear wall be staggered to meet the ½" edge distance for 3x3 plates or do custom plates need to be installed?

Anchor bolt connections designed per SDPWS are designed for the shear load in the sill plate. If the shear capacity of a double-sided shear wall is twice that of a single-sided shear wall, the anchor bolt spacing derived based on the anchor bolt shear capacity for a double-sided shear wall would be half the spacing of a single-sided shear wall. Staggering the anchor bolts 1/2" from the plate edge for a double-sided shear wall provides uplift resistance on each edge of the sill plate equivalent to a single row of anchor bolts located 1/2" from the plate edge on a single-sided shear wall.

Plate Washer Diagram