GB314 - Sustainability: Winning with Wood in Green Rating Systems and Codes

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There are several mainstream green building rating systems and high-performance sustainability codes and standards in use.  Popular titles, such as LEED, NGBS, IgCC, Green Globes, and ASHRAE 189.1 have similar, but varying criteria for achieving points or demonstrating compliance through the use of material and resources. This webinar will show how each approach gives credit for wood’s sustainability attributes and what information is needed to claim that credit.

Level: Beginner
Primary Audience: Architects, Engineers, Code Officials, Others

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify what credits can be claimed for using wood in green rating systems and standards.
  2. Determine what is needed to claim those credits for using wood.
  3. Explain how EPDs are used by green rating systems and standards.
  4. Discuss a rater’s observations on projects that use wood.

Equivalencies: 1 Hour of Instruction = 0.1 ICC Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 1 AIA HSW Learning Unit (LU)


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