DES413-5 – Wood Shear Wall Seismic and Wind Design Example per 2015 WFCM and 2015 SDPWS

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Two AWC standards utilized throughout the nation for a code compliant design of wood shear walls are 2015 Wood Frame Construction Manual (WFCM) for One- and Two-Family Dwellings and 2015 Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS). The WFCM contains both a prescriptive and engineering design approach. Although the prescriptive design will tend to provide more conservative results than the more efficient engineered design, designers may arrive more readily at a solution. This course will include examples of seismic and wind shear wall designs for segmented and perforated shear walls, utilizing the WFCM and the SDPWS along with a comparison of the results.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify and understand the basic shear wall system to resist lateral wind and seismic loads.
2. Understand the differences between segmented and perforated shear wall design.
3. Understand hold down design and special conditions that pertain to seismic and wind hold downs.
4. Be able to identify and analyze shear walls per 2015 WFCM and 2015 SDPWS and understand the differences between them.

Equivalencies: 1.5 Hours of Instruction = 0.15 Continuing Education Units (CEU) = 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH) = 1.5 Learning Units (LU)


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