BCD238 - Wood Construction and the Fire Investigator

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This is a companion course with Fire Service Introduction to Wood Frame Construction. It is designed for Fire/ Arson Investigators to better know the principals of wood construction and how a thorough knowledge of wood construction can benefit an investigation. It will review key sections of NFPA 921. The program will highlight provisions of the International Residential Code in order to call attention to possible code violations that could possibly cause unusual or rapid-fire spread and failure of an assembly.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Primary Audience: Code Officials, Fire Service

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review the scientific method as a “systematic approach” to fire investigation and why a knowledge of building construction is required
  2. Identify the 5 types of building construction and wood construction methods. Focus on various wood construction methods
  3. Discuss specific code requirements and how failure to meet the code can result in rapid fire spread or failure
  4. Review the fire performance of wood and wood products including char rate. Changes in housing stock and furnishings that effect flashover times


Equivalencies: 1.5 Hour of Instruction = 0.15 Continuing Education Units (CEU) = 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH) = 1.5 HSW Learning Units (LU)


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