BCD233 - Ask the Experts: Construction Fire Safety Panel Discussion

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Construction site fires cause millions of dollars in damage every year, most if not all are completely preventable. In this panel discussion, experts will bring their perspectives on fire prevention, relevant code provisions, and best practices for planning and execution of a successful fire safety plan for construction sites. Join AWC’s Ray O’Brocki, and special guests Christopher Towski of the Cambridge (MA) Fire Department, Joseph Cervantes of Space Age Electronics, and Robert Neale of Integra Code Consultants for a panel discussion with prepared remarks and an extended Q&A session.

Level: Beginner
Primary Audience: Engineers, Code Officials, Fire Service, Other

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Apply model codes and standards relevant to fire prevention and construction safety
  2. Identify items needed to develop a model fire plan
  3. Identify best practices regarding site maintenance during construction, storage of hazardous materials, and other activities on construction sites
  4. Discuss strategies for fire suppression on an active construction site

1.5 Hours of Education Credit will be available for this course.


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