How do I register multiple attendees?

NOTE: Please submit forms after webinar.

If multiple people participate in the webinar under one GoToWebinar login ID (Attendance Representative), everyone can receive credit. In other words, one person may be logged in to the webinar and have a group of people watching the webinar together in a conference room. To receive credit for multiple attendees:

  1. The person who logged into the webinar needs to complete the multiple attendee form with their info as "Coordinator." This form can be found on our Resource Page as well as the link will be sent out during the webinar and emailed to you after the webinar. This person will list all those watching with them.
  2. All who are watching:

This is the only way we can know which attendees are linked together, verify time in session, award credit, and create certificates.

If you logged in under your own ID and did not watch with others, you do not need to fill out a Multiple Attendee Form. A multiple attendee form is only necessary when there are multiple people watching on one computer or projected screen.

Why so many steps? Our system records all events you participate in with AWC. Your certificate is awarded to your account for you to print or email at your convenience. GTW tracks the time in session. Everyone who attends for 90% of the session time will receive credit. Also, ALL attendees need to be tied to that single login (Attendance Coordinator) to receive credit.

If you were a multiple attendee and didn't register, please contact us at and we will assist you.