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  • BCD131-A – 2018 International Residential Code Changes Related to Wood Construction

  • BCD230 – Construction Fire Safety Practices

  • BCD236 – Demobilizing Construction Sites Safely Using NFPA241

  • BCD303-A – Residential Wood Deck Design

  • BCD306 – Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide (DCA6-2015 Version)

  • BCD307 – Deck FAQs: Deciphering DCA6 and More

  • BCD420-A – Updating Code Conforming Wood Designs

  • BCD425 – Choosing Construction Type Just Got Easier: Design Tools to Simplify IBC Chapter 5

  • BCD500 – DCA3: Fire-Resistance and Sound Ratings for Wood-Frame Assemblies

  • BCD710 – Special Inspection for Wood Construction

  • BCD710-A – Special Inspection for Wood Construction

  • BCD800 – Calculation of Sound Transmission Parameters for Wood-Frame Assemblies

  • DES1000-A – Boardwalks and Bridges

  • DES131-A – Specifying Alternatives for Conventional Treatments

  • DES160 – Evaluation of Recommended Allowable Design Properties for Wood in Existing Structures

  • DES230-A – Wind and Gravity Design for Tall Walls in Wood Buildings

  • DES301 – Answering Your Deck Questions: A Panel Discussion with the Pros

  • DES335 – Design of Bolted Connections

  • DES335-A – Design of Bolted Connections per the 2015 NDS

  • DES336 – CLT Connection Design Provisions in the 2018 NDS

  • DES413-3 – Calculating ASD Shear Wall Capacities per 2015 SDPWS Using the Equal Deflection Approach

  • DES413-4 – Seismic Example WFCM/SDPWS Comparison 2015

  • DES416-A – Use of Wood Structural Panels to Resist Combined Shear and Uplift from Wind

  • DES603-A – Fire Testing on Full-Scale Mass Timber Building Will Inform Code Changes

  • DES607-A – Tall Wood Buildings in the 2021 IBC: Up to 18 Stories of Mass Timber

  • GB300 – Development of Wood Products LCA Data and Its Usage in Green Building Codes

  • MAT251-A – ABC's of Traditional and Engineered Wood Products

  • STD110-A – Designing with AWC's National Design Specification® (NDS®) for Wood Construction (NDS 2015)

  • STD120 – 2018 NDS Changes

  • STD120-A – Changes to the 2018 National Design Specification® (NDS®) for Wood Construction

  • STD310 – Part 1 of 4: Wind Speed and Design Pressure Determination According to ASCE 7-10

  • STD311 – Part 2 of 4: Wind Load Distribution on Buildings - Load Paths

  • STD312 – Part 3 of 4: Connections

  • STD313 – Part 4 of 4: Foundation Design to Resist Flood Loads and WFCM Calculated Wind Loads

  • STD330-A – 2015 WFCM Changes

  • STD333 – 2015 WFCM Significant Changes and Introduction to High Wind Guides

  • STD340-1 – Disaster Resistant Wood Frame Construction Example using 2015 WFCM - Part 1: Loads

  • STD340-2 – Disaster Resistant Wood Frame Construction Example using 2015 WFCM - Part 2: Roof Story Design

  • STD340-3 – Disaster Resistant Wood Frame Construction Example using 2015 WFCM - Part 3: Second Story Design

  • STD340-4 – Disaster Resistant Wood Frame Construction Example using 2015 WFCM - Part 4: First Story Design

  • STD350 – 2018 Wood Frame Construction Manual Changes

  • STD415-A – 2015 Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic

  • STD600-A – What the 2015 IBC Means for Wood Construction – Part IV: Permanent Wood Foundations


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