Page updated as of May 2020

State Code Agency:

South Dakota Department of Public Safety - State Fire Marshal

Current Codes and Edition Adopted:

  • 2018 IBC approved for local enforcement
  • 2015 IFC approved for local enforcement

Applicability (statewide, local, limited): LIMITED

Plan review, enforcement, inspection is limited to school facilities, day care facilities and group family day care homes. There are no statewide Commercial Energy codes. Building & energy codes for other types of buildings are enforced at the local level only. If the local unit of government adopts any ordinance prescribing standards for new construction, the ordinance must use the 2012 edition of the IBC. Codes for one- and two-family dwellings (Residential Code) are handled at the local level.

State inspectors exist for projects under the jurisdiction of the state.

Amendments Disadvantaging Wood Construction:

Code amendments do not involve subjects involving wood construction.

Next Update Cycle (amendment opportunities):


Expected date most recent code will be adopted.

Unknown. Individual communities usually adopt shortly after the State laws go into effect, but that is not always the followed procedure. Locals are permitted to adopt newer editions of the I-Codes.

Additional Notes: