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Engineered Wood Product Information

Structural Composite Lumber & I-joists

Proprietary products, such as structural composite lumber and manufactured I-joists, are accepted in U.S. building codes based on the submission of test data to the evaluation services of each of the model building codes. Additional information may be obtained from the companies which manufacture these products. Some of the AWC member companies which we know produce these products are listed below:

Boise Cascade Company 
P.O. Box 50 
Boise, ID 83728 

Georgia-Pacific LLC 
133 Peachtree Street, N.E 
Atlanta, GA 30303 

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation 
29 Industrial Park Drive 
Binghamton, NY 13904 

P.O. Box 9777 
Federal Way, WA 98063 

Anthony Forest Products
P.O. Box 1877 
El Dorado, AR 71731 










I-Joist and Structural Composite Lumber Associations

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Glued Laminated Timbers



Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)



Structural Panels

Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association

CANPLY - Canadian Plywood Association

1507 Matt Pass, Suite 2
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
855-266-TECO (8326)







Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses





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