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Code Conforming Wood Design — Publications

Wood construction offers distinct design options typically not found in a single structural material. It is inexpensive, readily available, easy to work with, strong and adaptable. The economic, environmental and energy efficiency advantages account for more buildings being constructed of wood than any other structural material.

The intent of these books is to summarize allowable wood use in buildings in accordance with the International Code Council (ICC) 2009 and 2012 International Building Code® (IBC®). Emphasis will be placed on the design flexibilities permitted for wood in commercial construction. This is not meant to be a replacement for the IBC and does not encompass all of the design options in the IBC. The IBC should always be consulted for applicable specific requirements related to designs and site conditions.

2012 CCWD




CCWD for Legacy Codes

Navigate HERE to access CCWD documents for legacy codes including:

  • Commentary on the International Building Code (IBC) Chapter 23 – Wood
  • Wood Use Provisions in the 1997 UBC and 2000 IBC
  • Wood Use Provisions in the 1999 SBC and 2000 IBC
  • Wood Use Provisions in the 1999 BOCA NBC and 2000 IBC


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