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Wood Structural Design Data

TR 9 Appndx.

Update - 1986 Edition with 1992 Revisions

The following updates do NOT apply to any revisions older than the 1986 Edition.

The most recent edition of WSDD is available for download.

If you purchased WSDD between 1986 and March 1998, you will need to download and print the two-page update (p25 and p210, 132 KB pdf). Check the lower right hand corner of the back cover for a date prior to 3/98 (e.g. 4/93, 10/89). If you purchased WSDD between 1986 and 1992, you may also download the 1992 Revisions Update (approximately 50 pages 6.8mb). Check the upper right hand corner of the front cover for the words,"1986 Edition" or "1986 Edition with 1992 Revisions."

Technical Questions

To submit a technical question regarding AWC design standards, e-mail: info@awc.orgSee contact info. for other options.

Updates / Errata

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